New Year at Wilsons Promontory

January 1, 2012

Wow, what a New Year! Friends invited us to share a campsite at Wilsons Promontory this year so we spent a week at Tidal River. It's a huge campground but really quiet. You're never more than 10 minutes walk from a stunning beach and the river itself is great for the kids. At night, Wombats walk about like they own the place (well, they do really, don't they?). One walked under the camp chairs on New Years eve, another nonchalantly waddled past us on the path one evening before sunset. You couldn't pick a much more beautiful location to camp in Victoria. There are loads of walks ranging from 30 minutes to several hours and for the wildlife experts, a few interesting highlights (see under experiences, below).

A leisurely week spent mostly eating, sleeping, swimming and drinking. I did a few walks. The hike to Norman Lookout was on a really cool day and we found a Tiger Snake harmlessly basking on the path side half way along. There were loads of dapper White's Skinks too, mostly diving for cover down their burrows as we approached. On the beach there was the odd Forest Raven. Around the camp site, Gang Gang Cockatoos are abundant - the call a lot in the morning - and there were Olive Whistlers singing along the far bank of Tidal River on the track up to the Tidal lookout. Spotlighting was good too. Although not a native, the highlight was Hog Deer. It's got to be the easiest place in Australia to see this introduced deer from central Asia.

Locations visited

Tidal River



Written by

Simon Mustoe

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